1. We Buy Houses!
    Selling your house using traditional methods can be frustrating, expensive and detrimental when time is against you. If life has you in a situation that demands that you sell your house quickly, then we can provide you with a solution to do just that.
We Buy Houses
Here is how we can help you...
What we do is create solutions that enable you as a seller, to sell your house quickly without having to work with a Realtor or sell privately. Our unique programs provide debt and stress relief.
We will provide you with one or sometimes multiple offers, and you choose to accept one or not at all. We understand that every customers situation is unique, and so we take care to address each clients' requirements.
We are your professional Real Estate alternative when it’s time to sell.
We buy houses in any area and any condition.
You don’t have to be a “distressed” seller- We often pay FULL PRICE for houses.
We are established investors who want to buy your house and we take care of everything to make it easy for you.
No Commissions!
No Annoying Showings any time of the day
No Hassles!
We Love PRETTY HOUSES and Ugly Houses!
So if you’re thinking about selling or you need to sell fast, call to find out how we can buy your house hassle-free.

Friendly Professionals, Simple Paperwork

We Buy Houses

It’s a very simple process, especially because we will make all of the arrangements and handle all of the paperwork. All you will need to do is decide if you like what we have to offer. 
So, now that you know what we can do for you, let’s get started by providing us with the information about your house. 
We look forward to providing a solution that works for you!

Here is a quick list of reasons why people use our services. In fact, you may fit into one or more of these situations:

  • No equity for Realtor commissions
  • Realtor listing expired
  • Inherited a house
  • Employment Transfer
  • Little or no equity
  • Moving out of town or state
  • Loss of employment
  • Divorce
  • Behind on payments
  • Inherited a house
  • Owe liens or judgments
  • Looking for income stream
  • Tired Landlords
  • Heading into foreclosure!
Here's how it works: -

1. You fill out the form on the next page, or call us with the information that we need about your house and your asking price.

2. We will look over the information you provide and determine what possibilities we have to create a solution that works for us both.

3. We contact you and discuss some possibilities, and if we can agree on some basics, we make arrangements to come see your house.

4. We will do some market analysis to determine the best possible price and/or terms we can offer you.

5. You then are able to make a decision based on what we have told you and we can proceed to closing, or not.
Call us now at 609-248-0904
**(Pass this information to someone we can help and we pay you $350)**